Nolte Liebherr LG 1750 (1850) stellt höchste Windkraftanlage der Welt
Bilder von Mario Jochmann

 The following images I received from Mario Jochmann, here the translation of jis original inormatin text:

In August and September 2006, in Laasow, South Brandenburg, a large wind generator was erected which is, after the indications of the designer, the highest in the world. A consortium of companies (look at the second image with the construction board) set up thereby a new record in design, construction and assembling.

Dominating for the community of crane- and heavy-haulage-fans was an “old well known friend”, for such special jobs: the Liebherr LGD 1750 from Nolte/Hannover. 

The photo series is the result of two visits on the construction yard in progressed stadiums of the construction and is so divided in two parts.

Many thanks at this place to SeeBa GmbH for the friendly information’s and the permission to publish the images. 

Part 1: Assembling of lattice boom parts

Part 2: Lift and attaching transmission and rotor 

Dates to the wind generator:

Location: Laasow, South Brandenburg, app. 100 km, 63 miles south of Berlin

Type: W 100 (data sheet see Wind to Energy-link below)

Carrying system: Framework - latticed mast with square surface area, height ~ 160 m (525 feet); Mass ~ 350 mtons

Capacity electric: app. from wind force 6 (12m/sec) 2.500 KW/2.5 MW

Diameter of rotor: 100m/328 ft

Rotor blades: 3 with a length of 45m/148 ft) and a weight of  ~ 15 mtons

Hub height: 160m/525 ft

Generator house: Type Fuhrländer FL 2500; weight 96 mtons 

Characteristics: -the rotor works in the “Ekman-air layer with a relatively constant winds and just little downtimes

- integrated crane/winch concept and service friendly design, future repairs will be possible to a large extend without expensive mobile cranes.

Informations and pictures:

MJ-Laasow-01-01 MJ-Laasow-01-02 MJ-Laasow-01-03 MJ-Laasow-01-04 MJ-Laasow-01-05
MJ-Laasow-01-06 MJ-Laasow-01-07 MJ-Laasow-01-08 MJ-Laasow-01-09 MJ-Laasow-01-10
MJ-Laasow-01-11 MJ-Laasow-01-12 MJ-Laasow-01-13 MJ-Laasow-01-14 MJ-Laasow-01-15
MJ-Laasow-01-16 MJ-Laasow-01-17 MJ-Laasow-01-18 MJ-Laasow-01-19 MJ-Laasow-01-20
MJ-Laasow-01-21 MJ-Laasow-01-22 MJ-Laasow-01-23 MJ-Laasow-01-24 MJ-Laasow-01-25
MJ-Laasow-01-26 MJ-Laasow-01-27 MJ-Laasow-01-28 MJ-Laasow-01-29 MJ-Laasow-01-30
MJ-Laasow-01-31 MJ-Laasow-01-32 MJ-Laasow-01-33 MJ-Laasow-01-34 MJ-Laasow-01-35
MJ-Laasow-01-36 MJ-Laasow-01-37 MJ-Laasow-01-38 MJ-Laasow-01-39 MJ-Laasow-01-40
MJ-Laasow-01-41 MJ-Laasow-02-01 MJ-Laasow-02-02 MJ-Laasow-02-03 MJ-Laasow-02-04
MJ-Laasow-02-05 MJ-Laasow-02-06 MJ-Laasow-02-07 MJ-Laasow-02-08 MJ-Laasow-02-09
MJ-Laasow-02-10 MJ-Laasow-02-11 MJ-Laasow-02-12 MJ-Laasow-02-13 MJ-Laasow-02-14
MJ-Laasow-02-15 MJ-Laasow-02-16 MJ-Laasow-02-17 MJ-Laasow-02-18 MJ-Laasow-02-19
MJ-Laasow-02-20 MJ-Laasow-02-21 MJ-Laasow-02-22 MJ-Laasow-02-23 MJ-Laasow-02-24
MJ-Laasow-02-25 MJ-Laasow-02-26 MJ-Laasow-02-27 MJ-Laasow-02-28 MJ-Laasow-02-29
MJ-Laasow-02-30 MJ-Laasow-02-31 MJ-Laasow-02-32 MJ-Laasow-02-33 MJ-Laasow-02-34
MJ-Laasow-02-35 MJ-Laasow-02-36 MJ-Laasow-02-37 MJ-Laasow-02-38 MJ-Laasow-02-39
MJ-Laasow-02-40 MJ-Laasow-02-41      
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