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The AC 500 and the AC 650 from Brandt/Berlin replacing parts of a bridge

....maybe some of yue remember...  on one of the early picture galeries ypu could see the TC 2800 from Brandt removing 4 parts of a brigde in Berlin (if you want to look this pics again, you find they here). It had to removed because the bridge has to built higher for mor high under it for tht ships using the channel. This hapend in April 2003, in Juli 2003 the parts of the bridges were replaced. The only problem was that the parts of the brigde were renovated and much heavier than bevor (the big parts around 10 mtons, the small parts around 6 mtons) and that the TC 2800 was at the removal at his maximum capacity without superlift (and there was no place for the superlift) and that the crane was in Augsburg to remove a bridge at this time, pics here). So Brandt had to seek another solution and they found it in a very spectacular way!

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