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The LR 1750 from Felbermayr lifts a bridge in Padova/Italy

In August 2004 Felbermayr's LR 1750 was in Italy to make a very special lift of a bridge. For a new railroad along the directissima Milano-Bologna must be a new brigde into the autostrade (highway) A4 between Venice and Milano. For a as small as possible disruption of the traffic, Felbermay had the perfect solution: Hired by their partner Midolini Cranes (which had a good work with a lot Felbermayr cranes at to get the Olympic Stadium in Athens ready in time), they made it on the following way: the brigde was builded complete beside the autostrade at a concrete plate (not even necessary, Felbermayr wanted just a good prepared ground but the italian steel working company made the concrete plate for ultimate security of the ground), a cut until the autostrade was made, secured with concrete, so that the crane could carry the bridge just any meters to the autostrade. At this solution the autostrade had to close at one direction for just 36 hours, only the time that was needed to cut of the street, digging a hole so that the foundation points for the brigde are free and that it was place to make the complete cut under the brigde later. Then they just had to put the bridge on there place, fixed the street between the old parts and the ends of the bridge and the traffic could be given free on this part again. Two weeks later the same action was made on the other side, for the other direction lane.

I have to thank my friends from the Felbermayr-Team from the bottom of my heart that they taken me up as a "all-time-present-colleague" and that they was all the time calm and friendly when I was nerving with questions.

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