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Here I publish guestpictures from other fotographs

The copyright is by the different fotographs, if you are intrested on further usage of the pics ask the single copyrightowner.

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TMK 96-44 and other cranes at Rheinbraun (from Bernd Möllenbeck)

TMK 95-44 von Bernd Möllenbeck

AC 650 Sarens builds a windgenerator (from Rasmussen de Decker)

Breuer+Wasel LTM 1400 (from Burkhardt Berlin)

LR 1750 Breuer&Wasel (from Marcel van Marle)

two LTM 1500 Maxikraft (from Rene Xyländer)

LR 1750 Breuer&Wasel special frame (von Marcel van Marle)

Cranes at Rheinbraun (browncoalmining-company at western Germany (from Reiner Kriegel)

Concorde-Load in Manhattan (von Kenneth Bernardo, Bay Crane)

Showdown at the Düsseldorf Arena (Pics from Horst Weidemann and Reiner Kriegel)

Showdown part 2 Happy End for spaceframe number one (from Horst Weidemann)

2 pics from the CC/PC 4200 assembled (from Horst Weidemann)

Visit at Born&Schuch (von Gerhard Hermes)

Transport P.Adams (von Gerhard Hermes)

TC 2800 from Brandt at the demolition of a bridge in Augsburg (from Michael Meyer)

CC/PC 4200 Mammoet ( from Reiner Kriegel)

An old exotic: a Coles Gargantua  from 1973 (from Harm Adams)

Tram-Transport with  Companie Grundt (from Ferdinand Caspers)

Lifting of a brigde in Cologne (from Reiner Kriegel)

LTM 1500 Breuer&Wasel 2004

Pics from Ontario from Derek Holland

AMK 1000-103 at end of July 2004 from Bo-Qun Chen

Loading boom-parts  REpower 5M (from Matthias Holst)



TC 2800 Kranringen (ex Brandt) November 2004 (from Jan van Wees)


TC 2800, LTM 1500 Steil and ex-AKV AC 700 (from Gerhard Hermes)

LTM 1200/1 with 3-axle boomdolly (from Crow)

Lifting bridgeparts with LR 1750 Sarens/Bracht in Stralsund (from Ulrich Friese)

AC 350 und AC 500 Born&Schuch laden Teile eines Bockkrans aus (from Gerhard Hermes)

Liebherr LTM 1300/1 BTB/Brandt in Berlin Reinickendorf (from Christian Steffens)

Mammoet Liebherr LTM 1500 with 84m boom at assembling (Images from Mario Jochmann)