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(Regularly this are pics from operations I will made an update in the future from or just nice single pics)

Hello Crane and Heavy Haulage-Fans from all over the world,

 thank you for your many visits since I made the english partition of this site, actual you all made over 50% of my hits here. 

I have not the objective to win a webdesign-award with this site, I only want to share my pics with other fans of my interests for your and my pleasure, so I made a (I hope) easy navigation, you can find all cranes sorted by type in the Cranetypelist and sorted by company in the Companylist. Under Special Machines you find other equipment like the biggest excavators of the world or other equipment which does not fit in the other galeries. In Exibitions you find the images from my different visits of fairs, open days and so on, include a lot of model pics from different exibitions

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A little warning for all with a slower internet-access: nearly all of my galerie-sites are filled with heavy graphics, I hope you forgive it, you get MANY pics for it!

I have rebuild now also my english linksite (s) and made a a new order so I hope that you can find everything better and something new for you

If you are intrested for a translation of older galeries, please mail me your request and if you send me pictures, please send they to this mailaddress, maybe with a short description(no problem up to 50 MB)!

Now, many pleasure with the pics



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