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private Crane- ans HH-model-pages

other modellrelated pages

Modeldealers and Producer

other links I like

private crane and HH-pages private construction equipment and truck-pages Cranemanufacturer top Craneuser and HH-Transportation-Companys
Magazines about Cranes and HH

Crane-and Heavy Haulage Models

www.olli80.de Olli presents on his site a lot of intresting pics (also from the AK 850) and some pics of his models
www.hadel.net The site of the Hadel-Brother: a lot of information about automotive off all kind, models and more
Michael Heigerts site with a lot of modelling tips
Heinz Gehrings site with his fantastic models
The overkill-project from Markus Brenner: a complete animated AK 850, so precise as possible, more real than life


Burkhardt Berlins Site with a lot of pics from dioramas, models and originals

The site of Tobias Wilhelmi with his silver-green model fleet ans some very special models


Oke Klingenbergs site, like Tobias a very special modeller

Rainer Markgrafs site with a lot of pics and always actual informations for 1:50 model-fans
Steve Wolkens interesting site about his museum of large 1:50 models

Anders Gaasedalssite with pics and building-reports of his Lego-cranes
Birger Hennings site


A site from Japan, a Kibri-model freak

Kai Beckers site with his genius handpainted models

Marco Bräunings site, also a youngster in the scene
hierfür benötigst Du macromedia shockwave The homepage oh the Heavy Haulage & Crane Modelclub from Holland

The site of the most important exibition for all fans of crane- and heavy haulage models

other model-related links  (nach oben)

Here you can see  H.J Wessels genius construction-equipment-models in scale 1:2,5 (you see right!), with all funktions of the real ones (in his village he dig the graves on the graveyard with his models...)
The site of the largest digital modelrailroad in the world in Hamburg
www.phoxim.de Wolfgang Bittermanns site, a must for all Star Wars and Science-Fiction-fans

model dealer and manufacturer   (nach oben)

Hermes Modelladen

The modelshop from Gerhard Hermes. Gerhard makes a lot of models in 1:87 in professional quality
The biggest model-dealer in the USA
Dealer with a lot of spare and single parts for models of several scales (ask for a list because many parts are not on the page ond only short time in stock)

Ballastbau in 1:50

Guido Katillus' builds additional counterweights in scale 1:50 for some cranemodels in a very precisly way for sale (site only in German)
www.Kranmodelbau.de Herman Müller builts accessories and a lot of very intresting parts for the conrad models of the CC 8800 and the LR 1750, a must for everyone who has this models!
Paul Dirkzwager makes special models and equipmentparts for crane- and hh-models in 1:87

Veit Kornberger is dealer and producer of some hh-models
The manufacturer of some very intresting 1:50 models include the Gottwalds AK 850 ...

others I like (nach oben)


Elbert van den Top's big collection of transporting links

Andreas has also a big link-collection








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