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Everybody who want to have a link here can mail me, I look if I think that his site is a additional information for all visitors and the I build in the link but also if I get also a link on his site!


private Crane- ans HH-model-pages

other modellrelated pages

Modeldealers and Producer

other links that I like

private crane and HH-pages private construction equipment and truck-pages Cranemanufacturer Craneuser and HH-Transportation-Companys
Magazines about Cranes and HH

Crane- and Heavy Haulage Links

(private sites)  (top)


My partnersite with a lot of pics made around Berlin


A new site with a lot of heavy haulage and crane specialists

to the crane list from Kristoffer Falk from Denmark, a who is who (who uses which actual crane-types)


Site from Olli Voit, a site with a lot of crane-job-pics, especially made around Nurembourg

a new nice site, will be growing in the next time

Marcel van Marle's Schwerlastseite

Marcels site from the Netherlands, also with a lot pics of his nice models

Jan van Wees Sr. site, THE name for all around Gottwald ans Mammoet/van Seumeren


Harm Adams site with a lot of hhh-pics


Ed Faheys Site from Ireland, a lot of pics which you find only there


The site from Micha Noack from Saxonia, a lot of nice pics, also from old GDR-equipment

Matthias site with pics from originals and his 1:87 models


Daniels site from Bremen, Northern Germany, a youngster in the scene
A very nice site from the Netherlands, a lot of very rare pics

Crane Park

Lickens site from Asia


Gregors site from Austria, a lot of pics from Unternehmensgrupe Felbermayr and from other companys from Austia

Rainet Markgrafs site, many pics from originals and a lot from 1:50 construction equipment models


Rainer Staabs site with many pics from Terex-Demag cranes

Dutch site from Eric Konijn with nice pics


The site of the Hadel-Brothers, a complete information about automotive of all kind, cranes, models and more


Burkhard Berlins site with a lot of model and originalpics

other construction equipment and truck-links

(private sites)   (top)

Widmar Heix major collection of truck pics and some hh- and crane pics