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Sylvsterupdate 2004

Suitably to the publishing of my pics in the german technical periodical Kranmagazin now the pics from this lift, for all the lonly guys which are have to stay at home and as a startup for 2005 the last update for this year: the lift oh a 900 m² wooden roof with three cranes, made by the company Poppe&Wittrock from the south of Berlin

All my visitors a happy and succesful year 2005 and I hope to see you again in the new year!


December, 28. 2004

After a looooong time 2 heavy-haulage-galeries, one with an Actros Titan from SKAK and one with a MAN FE 600 A and a Scania 164 G with adiitional fith axle from Torbn Rafn, all transports for or with windgenerator-parts


November, 28. 2004

Today I got great pictures from australia with a LTM 1200/1 with 3 axle boom-dolly

November, 21. 2004

I already made it: 

Felbermayr in Padova part 3

is online, above the link to the overview site for all which are have not seen the first parts, here the direct link to the galerie

Steil TC 2800, LTM 1500 und ex AKV AC 700

As second I made an update with pics which Gerhard Hermes (Hermes-Modellbau.de) made for me from three cranes: AC 700 SSL, LTM 1500 TY and TC 2800

November, 20. 2004

Not a regular update today but a new feature on my site: slideshows as mini-movies (2 for the beginning), a kind of quick-motion-movies You find they from now under the menu-point slideshows at the menu-bar on the left. I hope you like it and you enjoy it (e regular update with the last part from Felbermayr in Italy will follow at the next days)

November, 12. 2004

TC 2800 Kranringen, ex Brandt/Berlin

Today I got some very nice pics from Jan van Wees from the former Brandt TC 2800 which is now working at Kranringen, now on the way to Scotland

Like you see I do not made so much updates in the last weeks. The reason are some private sorrows but don't be afraid, it will be go on on this site!

October, 03. 2004

REpower 5M

This time some pics from the loading of the boom parts from the REpower 5M wich I got from Matthias Holst, published with kindly permission from REpower Systems AG

September, 19. 2004

minibauma 2004

The pics from my visit yesterday at the minibauma 2004 in Nürnberg, a small but nice model exibition for construction models in all scales

September, 12. 2004

Felbermayr in Padova part 2

It's done, part 2 of the pics from my visit in Italy are online with a lot of images from the assembling of the ballastcarrier and the first night-pics

August, 31. 2004

And a second special update: the Thömen LR 1750 is ready for take off for her first job...

August, 27. 2004

for actual reasons a special update: the way from white to yellow-green, the way from a Breuer&Wasel to a Thömen LR 1750 and a big surprise, but look for yourself!

August, 22. 2004

This time you can see the first of three parts of the pictures from my visit at Felbermayrs LR 1750 (the crane is now official upgraded from LR 1600/1 to LR 1750) in Italy at a bridge-liftjob!

August, 04. 2004

Today a big fotoreport about the first two days of assembling the first LG 1750 in the world for his first job.

More pics will coming at sunday at www.schwerlastinfo.de with the rest of the assembling and the complete crane

Further I got the kindly permission to publish Bo-Qun Chens pics he made from the AMK 1000-103 at the End of July of this year for the German and English speaking parts of the world.

July, 30. 2004

Today I bring you some very nice guestpics from Derek Holland from Ontario include some pics of a TC 3000

July, 04. 2004

This time a topactual new galerie (with pics from yesterday) with a doublelift with two LTM 1500. They were taken near Cottbus, South Brandenburg (aprox. 90 km south of Berlin) were a new highwaybridge will be build and yesterday were the lift of 2 of the 4 parts of this bridge, both 55m long and 135 mtons heavy. Many thank to all companys for the help and the permission to make the pics, especially Kran-Logistik-Lausitz, the government and IMO Leipzig.

Also I have a small jubilee: this is the tenth LTM 1500-Galerie on my site!

July, 01. 2004

The Gottwald-pics are back! We have to thank Matthias and Thomas Wasel that they made it possible to get the permission to publish the pics again!


June, 30. 2004

After some software problems I think there will be again mor updates in the future than the last months...

First I have some nice new pics from the LTM 1400/1 from Grohmann Attollo with flying jib, made in a windpark at Prenzlau/Northeastern Germany


May, 31. 2004

In this Update you can see a lot of pics of some rare Gottwaldcranes, used in the lignite open cast mines from Rheinbraun near Cologne/Gemany

May, 15. 2004

The new chat is running!!!

May, 08. 2004

Today the brandnew LTM 1400/1 from Grohmann Attollo from Berlin which had made a short visit at the Liebherr dependance Berlin

April, 30. 2004

Today the Update with nearly 200 pics of the most important crane- and heavy haulage modelshow in Europe (in the world?), the Modelshow Europe in Geldermalsen/Netherlands

April, 18. 2004

After a long decision-period I decided at last to make an update from my bauma-visit. I thought it will be not necessary in reason of the many bauma-pics which are online on other sites but last I bring a lot of my pics, but without the standard "half-profile from left-front" pics, a lot of detaill-pics and some model-pics, include some models from Goldhofer, detaillpics from the CC 8800 model-jib and, as only not crane-pics, some pics from the mining-excavator-model at Terex. I made no comments at the pics, just enjoy!

March, 14. 2004

Today a very spectacular job: the LTM 1800 from Grohmann Attollo moves the 185 years old historical Millerntor-Guardhouse to his new place

February, 29. 2004

Absolute actual the second: Two transports with parts for a railway.bridge, transported with an Actros Titan 4153 and with a Mercedes SK 3553

February, 28. 2004

Absolute actual the first: I got some Guest-Pics from the new LTM 1500 from Breuer&Wasel with the new drivers cabin!

February, 22. 2004

Today come some pics from the LTM 1500 with 84 meter boom from Knaack

February, 08. 2004

The pics from my visit at the International Toyfair are are online!!!

February, 03. 2004

Its done... the new update is online: this time complete for Demag-Fans: pics from the brandnew CC 2800-1 from Ulferts&Wittrock, from an AC 650 from Sarens (Thanks to Rasmussen de Decker for the pics) and spectacular pics from a two-crane-lift from Brandt/Berlin in summer 2003

January, 05. 2004

Now I have a new separate guestbook for my english speaking visitors, you can reach it here !

Now to the more important news: I have 3 new galeries uploaded.

On the first are pics from the LR 1750 from Breuer&Wasel with the special Frame to use a support-crane as counterweight for erection of the boom, the pics are mada by my dutch friend Marcel van Marle

On the second pics (made by Gerhard Hermes) from the company Born&Schuch from the Saarland with there AC 500 and some Trucks

On the third pics (also made by Gerhard Hermes) from a transport P.Adams made, include there unique MAN-TGA-3axle Heavy Haulage Tractor, former technologic experimental-carrier



After a looong time finally the promised update! The first galerie is the new LTM 1500 from Felbermayr/Austria changing generators at some windmills.

Further a galerie with some pics from the load and transport of the Concorde for the Intrepid Air and Space Museum on the westside af Manhattan which I kindly get from Kenneth Bernardo from !

more will come in the next days


I start the english news-site with the first update I made also in English, please inform me which older galeries I shall translate first!

With a little delay today the Update from the Euromodell in Bremen. This time I used a new type of galerie, it would be intresting for me how you like it

Further there are  2 Pictures from the assembled CC/PC 4200 from Mammoet on zhe construction area at the arena in Düsseldorf I got from Horst Weidemann



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