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November, 27th 2005

Today I installed a new guestbook, I hope it will be used...

November, 20th 2005

Terex 2800-1 KR wind new 2005

Smit Tak Taklift 7 lifts in Stralsund brigdeparts for the new Strelasundquerung

Actually it should give no update today because I had a big lack of time. I was already on the 500 km-way to Duisburg to make pictures from a 282 mtons lift in a steal plant, this happend at 190km/h/120 mph:

Because I had no desire to drive through the Teutoburger Wald, a low mountain range on the way were allways is snow at the weather we have this time, with a single summertire on the rear axle, I drove back at home and so I could make a double update: first some images from the brand new Terex CC 2800-1 from KR wind and the first images from the lifts with Taklift 7 in Stralsund, lifting a bridgepart with over 400 mtons

November, 18th 2005

Liebherr LR 11250

Here they are: first official pics of Liebherrs new megacrane, the LR 11250!

November, 12th 2005

Mammoet Liebherr LTM 1500 with 84m-Boom

and again a LTM 1500... but a special one: the Mammoet Germany with 84m boom and this pics are should be the first in Mammoet colors since Mammoet has got this crane from Kranringen wind

November, 09th 2005

Thömen LTM 1500 at the German Chancellors Office in Berlin

This time very intresting pictures from the Liebherr LTM 1500 from Thömen from the branch Potsdam at the German Chancellors Office in Berlin: the intresting was not the weight at this job but the range he had to do it, more than 100 meters, 330 yards!

October, 09th 2005

Yardvisit at ITB Linz

Today a special kind of update: a visit at the yard of ITB, a daughter company from Felbermayr, specialist for heavy and heaviest railroadtransports in Europe

October, 07th 2005

Demag AC 200, former Bäumer

Today again some farewell pics: the Demag AC 200 ex Bäumer is leaving Germany

September, 10th 2005

LTM 1500.8.1 BTB Berlin

Today an update with images from the new Liebherr LTM 1500.8.1 from BTB (former Brandt) Berlin with the 2005-version of the TY-bracing

September, 06th 2005

Today a triple update: first the  Terex Demag AC 350 and AC 500 von Born&Schuch (Images from Gerhard Hermes), pictures from the Liebherr LTM 1300/1 from BTB (Brandt) Berlin from Christian Steffens gemacht, and pictures of the blue-white Liebherr LG 1550 von Nolte dwhich I got this year three times before my camera

August, 31th 2005

And again two heavy transports, this time with actual material: the polish company Trans Annaberg Wiesiollek with a MAN TGA 41.660 and a Scania 164C

August, 30th 2005

As little update "in between" (some very nice guestpics will come in the next days) something like an "oldie update" , although the pics are from the beginning of 2004: two transporst from the company Pieper with Mercedes SK and NG and two older Scheuerle trailers http://www.kransite.de/-schwertransporte/pieper-a13/

August, 14th 2005

It is done: all imagegaleries which were from the beginning of my homepage on the old free webspace with a lot of disturbing advertisement are now on the regularly webspace. Because this alone is not a really important news: I have extended some of the gals, so the yardvisit gal at Poppe&Wittrock and the galerie of the old LTM 1800 which was at Felbermayr, Wiesbauer, Grohmann and a lot more companys

August, 13th 2005

Liebherr LR 1750 Sarens/Bracht at the lifting of brigdeparts in Stralsund

Today some pics from the preparations short after the crane was assembled and some nightimages which I got kindly from Ulrich Friese

July, 27th 2005

Felbermayr ÖAF 48.792 and Steyr 50.604 working togehter

This time very nice pics from the roll-off from a 358 mtons transformator from a barge in Rostock, Northern Germany. with two of the strongest heavy haulage tractors of Europe.

If I can publish any pics from the reload of the transformator is very questionable, the management of the owner-company of the 1100 mtons dockyard crane in Warnemünde with which the transformator was reloaded on the barge do not give an acceptable permission to publish the pics I made there.

July, 22th 2005

Visit at the company yard of Kran Saller

This week I had the chance to make a visit at Kran Sallr in Deggendorf, south-east Bavaria (near Passau). A very nice and intresting company (until now) not so well known as some others but it plays an important role in there region in the business. Some of my positiv impressions you can find here

July, 06th 2005

He's caught: first pics of the LTM 1500 from BTB (former Brandt) Berlin

June, 12th 2005

This time an other kind of crane: a big harbour crane, buiilded up on a ponton and a  TC 600 from a polish owner

May, 08th 2005

Lift of a 520 tons submarine on the Island Fehmarn/Northern Germany

This time pics of a very spectacular lift: in the harbour of Burgstaaken, a little city of the island Fehmarn, was an old submarine from the German Marine lifted out of the water on a base to be a future tourist attraction in a new private submarine museum. The lift was made with a Liebherr LR 1400/2 (Ulferts&Wittrock) and a Terex-Demag CC 2800-1 (Franz Bracht)

April, 29th 2005

Modelshow Europe 2005 in Eelde

Its done: the update with the pics from the Modelshow Europe 2005 from Eelde/Netherlands are online, exact 342 pics!


April, 19th 2005

Today some pics from the first handmade preproduction 1:50 models from the Gottwald AK 912 GT and the AK 1200 from Himobo

March, 25th 2005

The Nolte LTM 1800: the telescopic boom arrives


Gottwald TMK 95-44

This days the telescopic boom from the old Nolte LTM 1800 had arrived in Bremerhaven harbour, I completed the galerie with this pics from Jens Hadel [Hadel.net]

Also I made a new galerie in "Special Machines", a carrying-caterpillar for transportating the conveyor-belt-powerstations at the open cast mines from Rheinbraun/Western Germany

Also from Rheinbraun are the pics from the old Gottwald TMK 95-44 rough-terrain-crane

March, 16th 2005

MK 100 BTB(Brandt) Berlin    Spierings SK 599-AT5 MobiHub Berlin

In cause of the reason that I am ill at home at this time, again an update. This time a double one with two smaller galeries of tow direct competitors:

the Liebherr MK 100 von BTB Berlin and the Spierings SK599-AT5 von MobiHub Berlin

March, 15th 2005

The last european pics from the old Nolte Cranes LTM 1800

Jens Hadel and me had the possibility and luck to make the last pictures of the old LTM 1800 (like the vehicle identification plate ist is a LTM, always he was used the last years only as LG)

March, 5th 2005

LTM 1400/1 H.N. Cranes

Today a very actual update: the brandnew LTM 1400/1 from H.N. Cranes Nadolny&Schulze from northern Germany. You can also see some pics of a LTM 1220.5.1 and from a LTM 1055/1 from H&N

February, 26th 2005

LG 1550 Kranringen wind ex Breuer & Wasel

Today some pics from the former Breuer&Wasel LG 1550 which is now owned by Kranringen wind from Denmark. I made this pics in December 2004 when the crane was not complete paintetd in the colours of his new owner. Now the old coloured parts are ready painted and are at the companyyard of  Liebherr Berlin

February, 12th 2005

its Toy Fair time...

today my update with mannny detailpics of the most important new crane- and heavy-haulage models

January, 27th 2005

CC 1400 Hofstede

Today a little update in between, but with a relativly rare crane, a Demag CC 1400

January, 12th 2005

The new Liebherr SLK lattice-boomsystem

Some more additional working-pics in the galerie I got from Liebherr

January, 8th 2005

The new Liebherr SLK lattice-boomsystem

The first update for this year, some information and pics about the new boomsystem from Liebherr for there cranetypes LG 1550, LR and LG 1750

Here you can see the News from 2004

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