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December, 14th 2006

Today images from the Liebherr LTM 1400.7.1 from Saller, Deggendorf/Bavaria. The crane is a special update version and is pronounced as LTM 1450.7.1


December, 1th 2006

Update time:

Three new galeries this time:

Nolte's Liebherr LG 1750 builts up the highest windgenerator with a 160m lattice tower, images from Mario Jochmann, myself was sick at this time.

Summerparty at Grohmann in Berlin this year

Off-Topic: Impressions from the Fesival Of Lights in Berlin

Further I relaunched the companies and cranetypes overviews complete, I hope you like it in the new style!

November, 4th 2006

Liebherr LR 11350 Mammoet

After again a longer break today something very special: working-pics from the first job of the Liebherr LR 11350 from Mammoet!

September, 13th 2006

And and the next one: an old Wilson Drilling Wessel from 1974....

September, 12th 2006

After a longer break some updates:

The floating crane Tak Lift 7 assembles over several months the new Strelasundbridge in norteastern Germany between Stralsund and the Island Rugen and some pictures how the some of the  parts for the bridge were transportet through Germany

June, 29th 2006

New arrival in Berlin this day:

Grohmann LTM 1500.8.1

June, 16th 2006

I got some historical Gottwald-Pictures from Andreas Beck:

Gottwald AMK 71-73 Dechant Bau

Gottwald AK 680 Schmidbauer

June, 09th 2006

Images from the Liebherr LGD 1550 at the construction yard at the Strelasund bridge

June, 05th 2006

Today something "Off Topic"... I drove a tank

June, 04th 2006

Terex-Demag AC 700 Wiesbauer and AC 650 Scholpp disassemble a railway-bridge

Today images from yesterday, disassembling of an old railway-bridge with Terex-Demag AC 700 from Wiesbauer and AC 650 from Scholpp

May, 21th 2006

New Image from the LR 11250 at assembling in China

April, 23th 2006

Modelshow Europe Bemmel 2006!

April, 14th 2006

Liebherr LG 1750 Grohmann/Berlin at refueling stop

April, 12th 2006

Liebherr LGD 1550 BIT Berlin Dubai.....

BIT is a following company of the famous former company Brandt in Berlin...

April, 09th 2006

BTB  assembles tower cranes in Berlin
LTM 1500.8.1 at the Humboldt-University LTM 1200.5.1 at the "Ringcenter" (a shopping mall)

March, 25th 2006

first Liebherr LR 11250 is on the way to the customer

Images from the first Liebherr LR 11250 on their way to oversea shipment to her customer, transported by Thömen, Hamburg

March, 17th 2006

3 Years Cranes-Cranes-Cranes!

After a while with no update because I had less of time today for the third birtfday of my site a very huge update with new, unpublished pics from every year this site exists.

from 2003:

Liebherr LTM 1500 Knaack lift the rotor of an Enercon E-66
from 2004: Visit at the Open Day for the 50th birthday from Peinemann Crane and Forklift Hire in Veendamm near Rotterdam/Netherlands
from 2005 lift of from two auxilary railway brigdes with Liebherr LTM 1300/1 from Kranlogistik Sachsen (KLS) from Saxonia
from 2006 Transport eines Caterpillar 988F II Radladers durch die Spedition Schoones B.V. mit einer DAF XF 95-530 Schwerlastzugmaschine

January, 21th 2006

The first images from the new Liebherr LG 1750 from Felbermayr

January, 19th 2006

The LR 11250 at 1567 metric tons examination lift!

Unfortunately with something delay because I was three days due to more vocational bases not at home but here it is: the image from the Liebherr LR 11250 with 1567 metric tons examination load. But it the picture with me is later gives it it also in up to the 10 megapixels dissolution of the original file to see!


January, 07th 2006

Happy new Year,

a little bit late but I had less time the last weeks. So I make the last 2005 update now as first 2006 update:

Liebherr LR 1750 Sarens/Bracht at the lifting of brigdeparts in Stralsund

Today the pics from the lift of the last of the large bridgeparts what was lifted from the land, over 400 metric tons heavy!

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