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Euromodell Bremen 2003

From November, 14.-16. 2003 was in Bremen the yearly modelexibition Euromodell. This year wasn't many crane-models in bigger scales there like years before and for this I was a little dissapointed

Much better was it in the scale 1:87 with a very nice presentation from the  Verein für Kran- und Schwerlastmodelle in 1:87 and at the IG Weser-Ems.

A highlight was for me to see the model of the CC 8800 from Conrad first time in reality, presented by Holger Hackmack

Also the presentation for the bigger scale RC-Models, especially consruction and transport-equipment was very nice

go to the pics!

(there are not many comments at the pics, if you have a question do not hesitate to ask me!